Cloud Crypto Coin

  • CREATE ACCOUNTUse your email to create a new account. We will use this address to send access details.
  • CHECK YOUR EMAILYou will receive a link to activate your account.
  • LOG INUse the login and password that were used during registration and log into the service.
  • YOUR MINING IS LAUNCHEDUse free coins, or make a deposit and exchange them for GHS or MHS.
  • EARN YOUR PROFITGet your profit. You can withdraw coins to your wallet or exchange them.
  • TERM OF CONTRACT 1 YEARThe rental period for GHS equipment is 1 year.MHS rental period is 24 hours.
  • INSTANT WITHDRAWALChoose the amount to withdraw and receive it instantly.
  • INCREASE YOUR PROFITIf you want to increase your profits, you can purchase an additional GHS or MHS as well as use the 10% Referral program.
  • LATEST NEWSNews 01.04.2019.Our project startedAll news